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Silver Spring Justice Coalition

Our Vision

SSJC envisions a county where harm by police is eliminated, while community and individuals are empowered.

Our Mission

SSJC aims to reduce the presence of police in our communities; eliminate violence and harm by police ; establish transparency and accountability; and redirect public funds toward community needs.   

As a broad-based coalition, SSJC is focused on changing policing in Montgomery County. We also  work in alliance with other groups to reform county, state, and national laws and policies that affect local policing.  We provide a platform to educate, advocate, and organize Montgomery County residents in order to achieve our vision.

A community response

for Montgomery County, Maryland to end profiling, brutality,
and other misconduct by police.

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On June 11, 2018, a Montgomery County police officer accosted, pursued,
and then shot and killed Robert White, an unarmed Black man strolling
in his own neighborhood. SSJC began as a community response to
Mr. White’s needless death and to the department’s conclusion that the
officer’s actions were lawful and justified.